02 Dicembre 2020

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The Tannins
Tannins are the main and essential ingredient for vegetable tanning. They are
absolutely natural and strictly vegetable products, from renewable sources such as: fruits, barks, leaves. It is important to emphasize that, if the tannins are extracted from the wood, the trees from which they are mad...
Quality and characteristics of vegetable-tanned skin
Leather is considered an eternal material, because it has always accompanied man in the course of
history. From the Sumerians with the Banner of Ur (2500 BC) to all classical antiquity, the tanning of the skins crosses the various historical periods of civilization, from Greece to Rome, from Egyp...
History of La Bretagna
Our company takes its name from one of the most interesting regions of Europe, Brittany, situated land
in the north of France, which in ancient times was inhabited by the mysterious Celtic people, an attentive observer of the cosmic laws. In their Breton language, the word tann meant tree, especi...
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