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About us: La Bretagna tannery since 1961

Culture of vegetable tanned leather

We are a family of Tuscan tanners who, since 1961, have specialized in the production of high quality natural leathers.
Over the many years of his involvement as the founder of the Bretagna tannery, our father, Giovanni Testi, has had the great merit of knowing precisely how to convey the culture, love, passion, and experience of the oldes form of vegetable tanning in the world. For our production, we exclusively use plant extracts from renewable sources such as: bark, fruits, leaves, and wood. These type of extracts are also used in food, wine, cosmetic, and the therapeutic sector.
Water, the source of life, and tannins are the essential and main ingredients to make the slow vegetable tanning process complete in a workmanlike manner.
We therefore speak of nature, which we have chosen as our teacher, because in it everything speaks.Nature’s teachings have led us to a profound respect for all things natural and to understand the meaning of the word “Eco-sustainable”.
Taking this into account, our leathers have the characteristic of being Metal-free, Hypoallergenic, Non-toxic, and Fireproof,with the particular abilities to keep its shape once wet and to be easily printed. In fact, vegetable tanned leather is a natural thermoregulator. One of the main characteristics of this skin is that the more it is used, the more beautiful it becomes. It has various applications of use: from high leather goods to footwear, from belts to saddlery, as well as in the furniture, flooring, and boating sector. We reflect a lot in the sentence “We look for beauty in everything we do and nature is our source of inspiration”. This is the real reason why we do not like mass-produced products and the general concept of globalization. Ours is truly Made in Italy because we produce everything within “La Toscana”- the beautiful region that is our home.

We can say that we are true pioneers of vegetable tanned leather manufacture, research, and development, because our curiosity allowed us to adhere to traditions while continuing our experimentation to create more modern and avant-garde tanned leathers. This was possible thanks to the great experience that we gained over the years, giving us better product knowledge while enhancing our awareness of our newfound capabilities applicable toward our future development. Our research has led us to focus on the usage of new types of plants and tannins, dyes and ecological fixings, while not forgetting the importance of investing in human capital.
Our father taught us the secrets to produce the "Vera Greased Cow with Sego", with an unmistakable scent, intended for leather goods and footwear. For many years, art. Aged and art. Arizona were the best-selling products of the La Bretagne tannery, also recognized as one of the leading companies in this sector.

It was during the 90’s that we were led to a new vision. It was one that included the imagining of environments completely covered in leather, suitable for daily use and easy to clean. After years of research, our ideas have been concretely formed and established complete with a collection of flooring leathers that has expanded considerably over time, thanks to the new technologies and different types of finishing that we employ. In fact, we can supply water-repellent and smooth leathers that are elegant with a shiny or opaque appearance, that can not only vary in thickness, but can also be printed in various genres and with vintage effects. Similarly, we have the ability to also produce a wide range including both soft and natural leathers with pastel colors for footwear and leather goods, sofas and armchairs, as well as rigid and flexible leathers for tables and chairs. In various world cities, many famous brand stores and showrooms use our leathers for their collections. Hotels, yachts, bars, luxury shops and breathtaking villas have also been lined and furnished with our most exclusive productions.

The Testi family welcomes you to the
“Small Great World of La Bretagna tannery”

Giovanni, Paolo and Simone Testi

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